Top kitchen trends of 2017

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November 6, 2017
Kitchen design trends of 2018
March 9, 2018

At the beginning of 2017 a number of kitchen trends were set to boom during upcoming year. Below are the details of the ones which grabbed the public’s imagination!

1) Industrial kitchen look

As far as today’s modern fitted kitchen is concerned, this industrial-style has been one of the biggest trends of 2017 by far. This style is all about the practicality of creating work spaces and exposing the elements of your kitchen, and using them to create a unique, personalised design.

This look can also be an inexpensive way of fitting out your kitchen, as a lot of the features can be found in the most unusual of places. Even if you once thought that this look wouldn’t catch on due to the mix and match of different colours, materials and lighting, well it certainly does and works extremely well to create an alternative kitchen design! Exposed architectural features are the main focus of this look, including brick walls, steel beams and old machinery, where you can adapt your own ideas and let your imagination loose in order to create your own unique and wonderful kitchen design.

Adding elements such as reclaimed lighting with oversized metal shades is a simple but effective way of adding an authentic industrial look to your kitchen. Mixing up materials of different textures and styles e.g. steel surfaces and distressed timber, will help to create this innovative look that so many people are increasingly choosing.

The dramatic increase in popularity during 2017 of the working/industrial kitchen during 2017 is set to continue as we move into 2018.

2) Copper and gold accessories

Copper and gold accessories have been a major trend this year, with many people incorporating these metals within there appliances e.g. a copper kettle. This can add a touch of bright colouring to the monochrome environment, which can be mixed with natural materials with the industrial look. Another increasing trend is marble worktops, splash backs and accessories, which nicely complement monochrome kitchen and the copper accessories.

3) Handleless units

Handleless units are becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern kitchen design. Handleless units are a simple but modern design which create continuous lines through-out your kitchen. These units can be especially effective with the use of contrasting work-tops and displays e.g. dark cupboards with white quartz work-tops, allowing fresh dimensions to be created with the monochrome tones enabling this. This look is also extremely popular in high gloss finish- grey and neutral tones, in particular.

4) Unique painted cabinets

During 2017, popularity has increased for unique, painted cabinets where people can choose the colour of their own liking. Whether this be Farrell & Ball or Dulux, cabinets can be painted to customers’ exact specifications. This type of individually-focussed, personalised service is something we now provide at Cavendish. This is one part of a general trend which gained significant momentum during 2017 towards ‘personalisation’ of kitchens, something likely to be carried in to 2018.

5) High quality storage solutions

High quality storage solutions are a way of hiding kitchen appliances, at the same time eliminating clutter on worktops. Maximising storage space minimises clutter, therefore allowing ones eye to remain on the flow of the design. Storage furniture includes tall cupboard drawers with deep pockets and deep-drawer organisers which can even hide everyday appliances so as create the practicality that you desire.

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